ANTIHEROINE. is presently powered by the revolutionary love, wisdom, & unpaid labour of 水仙, one housing unstable, chronically suicidal, Disabled trans person of colour.

We don't currently make any money from this project (in fact, we make negative money because of website administration costs), and it's hard to do this work when we can't pay rent (literally [i.e. housing rent], or figuratively [costs for hosting and domain names online].

Please support our unpaid editor-in-chief, 水仙, here. They literally do almost every single thing on this magazine alone (editing, management, website administration, etc.) with no help right now. Writings are donated by generous co-conspirators.

Our mission is to create a world without capitalism, prisons, police, and all systemic oppressions — together.

ANTIHEROINE., start the revolution!

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ANTIHEROINE. was first conceived of in the brain of 水仙 SHUIXIAN (pronouns: they/them/theirs) in early 2014, during a major psychotic break, when they started becoming (even more) extremely housing unstable, and unable to work even a little bit.

After surviving attempted murder, multiple suicide attempts, involuntary coerced abusive ableist psychiatric hospitalisation, ongoing violent abuse from multiple wealthier and older people, two car crashes, abusive and dishonest romantic partners, and targeted online harassment, among many other things, 水仙 solidifed the idea while knees deep in the water of the Pacific Ocean on an island near Hong Kong in January 2017, right after a(n at first) voluntary psychiatric hospital inpatient stay that they initiated during the 2017 U.S. presidential inauguration. (That was a long sentence, I know.)

水仙 then officially launched the magazine in July 2017, while Unhoused, on one day in-between multiple traumatising voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitalisations, in two different countries. It was just one moment out of their entire life of experiencing child-abuse-induced, severely Disabling, physically/bodymindly painful, nightly nightmare, psychotic, suicidal, 水仙 sickness.

Our current logo was designed by amelie, a blind queer agender Vietnamese-amerikan artist and designer.